2 Nights + Breakfast + 1 Californian/Ayurvedic Massage -->€150,00

Californian massage

The Californian massage, a treatment for the integration of body, mind and spirit ....

The Californian massage is a slow, rhythmic massage, all-embracing, gentle and uplifting.

It relaxes, calms and tones, releasing the vital energy in us which is often blocked and constricted by the rhythms of work and the daily stress we are subjected to.

Its movements are extended, enveloping, rhythmical, circular. They encompass and envelop the entire body surface, instilling an extraordinary sense of well-being, of completeness and of a profound inner tranquility.

They impart immediate well-being and put us in touch with the most profound part of our being, releasing in us new perspectives and possibilities.

The Californian massage is aimed particularly at all those who are seeking a moment of absolute relaxation, and those who wish to surrender themselves, in body and soul, to the pursuit of harmony.

Duration 50 minutes

Ayurvedic massage

The art of the Ayurvedic massage as a therapy for health and prevention

This traditional Indian massage, an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine, is a gentle and relaxing treatment, highly effective for taking care of the body and enhancing physical beauty and spiritual harmony.

Through the body's energy channels, thanks to the use of special oils, it eliminates tension and transmits an immediate sense of profound wellbeing and positive energy.

Duration 50 minutes





2 Nights + Breakfast + 1 Reiki Treatment -->€130,00

Reiki treatment

Reki treatment frees and harmonizes our energy once again

The term Reiki refers to a holistic, totally natural practice, aimed at achieving physical, mental. emotional and spiritual well-being through the use of energy.

This is channeled through the hands of the Reiki practitioner and flows spontaneously throughout the receiver's body to the points where it is most greatly needed.

The direct action of Reiki harmonizes personal energy and is a powerful instrument for the balancing of our psychophysical energies, as well as an effective relaxation method.

It is ideal for all those who wish to dedicate time to themselves to harmonize their bodies and minds and for those who wish to activate their own positive energy and enjoy its effects.

Duration 40 minutes